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Arrangements - Kazimierz Serocki

for 1–4 recorders was written in the years 1975–76. Set in an “open form” it can be performed by any combination of four recorders: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass flute, starting from a solo cadenza for any of these instruments, through to any duo and trio combinations up to a quartet. The work is composed of 17 units never performed together. A selection is to be made according to strict rules, for example, in the duo version for soprano and bass flute, eight units are performed; in the quartet version, thirteen units. Consequently, the work’s duration varies from six to ten minutes. The order of performance of the different units is free. Due to the multivariant and multiperformer nature of the work, it is desirable that at least two different versions be performed at any one concert, with the same or different casts. The composer has also allowed for the simultaneous performance of different versions of the work by different combinations of flutes in different rooms of the same building, with listeners able to walk from one room to another (for example, in art galleries). The limit here is the simultaneous performance of the work in all fifteen combinations of flutes in fifteen rooms by thirty-two performers (eight each soprano, alto, tenor, and bass flutes).

The work was premiered on 25 April 1976 in Witten during the New Chamber Music Days.

(from the programme book of Warsaw Autumn 1978)