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21.09 Monday
Austrian Cultural Forum
Presentation and discussion panel: The Public of Contemporary Music Festivals

Panel members: Tadeusz Wielecki (Warsaw Autumn), Paulina Celińska (Little Warsaw Autumn), Monika Żyła (University of Salzburg), Katarzyna Grębosz-Haring (University of Salzburg), a representative of the Wien Modern festival (tba)

Who attends new music festivals? What are the audience’s expectations and motivations? How do listeners react to the music they experience? What is the position of new music festivals in creative cities?

In this debate, we present the results of audience surveys conducted in 2014 at three festivals in European capitals: Warsaw Autumn, Festival d’Automne in Paris, and Wien Modern. More than 1500 questionnaires have been evaluated. The survey is part of the international research project New Music Festivals as Agorai at the University of Salzburg (Austria), funded by the Austrian National Science Fund (FWF). A public panel discussion will follow, with scholars and representatives of new music festivals debating the future of new music audiences. We hope to open new perspectives for cultural participation and reflect on how to make new music festival audiences grow.

Organised within the FWF Research project: “New Music Festivals as Agorai” at the University of Salzburg, Austrian Cultural Forum