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Man, Roderik de

Born in 1941 in Bandung, Indonesia. He studied percussion with Frans van der Kraan and music theory at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Simultaneously he attended the composition class of Kees van Baarens and worked in an electronic music studio under Dick Raaymakers. He composes instrumental and instrumental–electronic music, and has received a number of commissions notably from Performing Arts Fund NL. His output includes solo, chamber, orchestral, ensemble, and choral compositions, many of which have been recorded.

His works have been repeatedly selected by the ISCM to be performed at the World Music Days (Oslo 1991, Mexico 1993, Seoul 1997, Bucharest 1998, Switzerland 2004). The composition Music, When Soft Voices Die, commissioned by the International Institute of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges, won the 1st Prize at the Musica Nova competition in Prague. In 2005, Cordes invisibles for cello, piano and tape won the main prize at the International Electroacoustic Music Competition in Bourges, followed by the Golden Euphony award in 2010. Chromophores for ensemble and electronics, performed at the World Music Days in Hong Kong, received the Ars Electronica award (2007). Marionette and Hear, Hear! was twice nominated for the Dutch Toonzetters award (2008 and 2009).

The work of Roderik de Man has been broadcast throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan.


Major works (since 1995): Gramvousa for flute, bass clarinet, piano and tape (1995), On Sensations of Tone for mixed choir and tape (1995), Distant Mirror for two harpsichords and digital effects processor with image projection (1996), Radioverhaal, radio composition (1996), Lesser Slides of Sound for two quarter-tone flutes (1996), Orkes Bercahaya for gamelan and lights projection (1997), Sigurdur’s Song for mezzo-soprano, baritone and delay (1997), Silhouette for percussion, tape and live images (1998), Changin’ Sue for improvising big band (1999), Leonardo’s Flying Machine for four Renaissance flutes and tape (1999), Magnetic Fields for orchestra and tape (1999), Volatile Voices for Orkest De Volharding and tape (2000), Vanishing Points for organ and tape (2000), Auxochromes for piano and tape (2001), Array for string orchestra (2001), Dark Intervals, electronic ballet music (2001–2), Music, When Soft Voices Die for tape (2002), Transports for toy piano and voice (2002), Machina ex Deo for pump organ and tape (2002), Tandem for basset horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, marimba and percussion (2002), Sin descanso for recorder and tape (one performer; 2002), Wajang for piano and CD (2002), Zest for saxophone quartet and six percussionists (2003), Stepping Stones for baritone, mixed choir and organ (2003), Samen Sterk for bass clarinet and ensemble (2003), Cordes invisibles for cello, piano and tape (2004), Terus-terus for gamelan (2004), Inside Out for ensemble and video (2005), Scenes From a Marriage for mixed chamber choir and electroacoustic intermezzi (2005), Antara benua dan benua for gamelan and CD (2006), Edge, string quartet (2006), Roentgen Connected for recorders, viola da gamba, harpsichord and CD (2006), Città, electronic music to a project by Willem Snitker (images) and Willem van Toorn (poems, 2006), Gotta Minute? for recorder quartet (2006), Salomon’s Soundhouses for saxophone quartet and electronic (2006), Chromophores for ensemble and tape (2006), De Caracal for alto/mezzo-soprano, ensemble and tape, music theatre after Judith Herzberg (2007), The Amazing Adventures of Baron von Münchhausen for ensemble, narrator and video projection (2007), Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra (2007), Marionette for recorders, electronics and multimedia (2007), Panopticon for recorders, electronics and multimedia (2007), Nancarrow’s Nightmare for two pianists and CD (2008), Left versus Right for two pianists and CD (2008), Hear, Hear!, electronic music (2008), Open & Closed for ensemble and electronics (2008), Strange Echoes in Trunks and Pipes for organ and electronics (2009), Yuxtaposiciones for bass clarinet and electronics (2009), Sorts of Numbers for flutes (one performer) and electronics (2009), Time Present/Past for octet (2009), Red Fingers for harp and chamber ensemble (2009), Frozen Flashes, electroacoustic work for an installation by Merja Herzog-Hellstén (2009), Les extrêmes se touchent for Pan flute, guitar and electronics (2013).