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Pawełek, Michał

Born in 1978 in Cracow, he graduated from the city’s Music Academy in the piano class of Stefan Wojtas (2002) and the composition class of Marek Stachowski (2003). He also studied composition, computer music, and sound physics with Mark Polishook at the Central Washington University (2002). Currently he works at the Music Academy and Władysław Żeleński State Secondary Music School in Cracow.

As a pianist, he has premiered many works by composers such as Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar, Adam Walaciński, Wojciech Widłak, Maciej Jabłoński, Katarzyna Szwed, Wojciech Ziemowit Zych, Kazimierz Pyzik, and Vytautas Bacevičius. He composes acoustic and electronic works, including with real-time instrumental sounds processing. He also works as a recording engineer.


Major works: Nocturne for chamber ensemble (2000), Mal for electronics (2000), Alius for amplified piano (2001), Napoleon in the Desert for chamber ensemble (2001), Flowing for electronics (2001), Prelude for cello (2001), Tranxéne®10mg for chamber ensemble (2001), Árdeaglais for orchestra (2002), The Eye of Silence for chamber ensemble and electronics (2003), Toccata for chamber ensemble (2004), Ritardo for cello and piano (2005), Líng for flute and piano (2006), Elinonde for chamber ensemble (2006), Ephreia for chamber ensemble (2008), Weg for chamber ensemble (2009), Tacens for soprano, alto, tenor and bass (2009), Ciacona for chamber ensemble (2010), Animator vs. Animation, sound layer for chamber ensemble for an animation by Alan Becker (2012), Mittsu no yume monogatari for two flutes and electronics (2012), Fretta for saxophone quartet (2013), Distinct Streams for orchestra (2014), IC 1470 for string quartet and video (2015), La rue des pensées entrouvertes for string quartet (2015).