Contemporary music is for children too
Little Warsaw Autumn turns five! It has more energy, imagination and curiosity than ever! It also has its own opinion on contemporary music, which it finds very interesting. Modern music is very diverse—you can listen to it in concentration and silence in a concert hall, but also while having fun on the playground. Sometimes it can come by surprise during a walk in the park or in the gallery. Sometimes it invites us to play together; it teaches and discloses the richness and diversity of the world of sounds that surround us. It may also help us to understand modern art.

The festival’s fifth edition confirms everything that Little Warsaw Autumn knows about contemporary music. This year, we will go to the Sculpture Museum in the Królikarnia to listen carefully to sculptures in the Study Depository. Are they happy with our visit? Are they merry or sad? If we to take a rest in the park in front of the Królikarnia palace, sit on the grass and shut our eyes, we may unexpectedly go back to the times when the palace was constructed. Idyllic music and singing will be our guides in that time travel. And if we want to learn more about the diversity of modern music, we shall visit the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of the Polish Radio. There, we shall listen notably to the string quartet of leading Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki. In the Zachęta art gallery, we will meet a sound whisperer who can make the music sound intriguing and extraordinary. We shall also find out that paintings can not only be watched but also played.

Paulina Celińska
Coordinator of Little Warsaw Autumn