nie wiem / I Don’t Know

Everything starts with “I don’t know.” I like the moment when “I don’t know” fuels creative work. “I don’t know” makes me anxious, interrupts my sleep, deprives me of pleasure; it is like a drug without which everyday life has no sense. “I don’t know” encourages one to think; it is shattered into small pieces. It is a question. The answer to “I don’t know” does not simplify anything; I hesitate. I start over, because by drawing a double bar line, I feel temporarity.

“Whatever inspiration is, it’s born from a continuous I don’t know” (Wisława Szymborska). In this performance, we shall embody and enliven the “I don’t know” through the improvisation of students of the Stanisław Moniuszko Music School in Jelenia Góra and performer Łukasz Błażejewski (Prince Negatif). What shall “I don’t know” do to us in the Królikarnia park? I don’t know.

The performance was composed on a commission from the 59th Warsaw Autumn Festival.

Sławomir Kupczak