Sikorska-Miszczuk, Małgorzata

Playwright and scriptwriter. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences at the Warsaw University (1987) and screenwriting studies at the National Film School in Łódź (2000). She is the author of plays such as The Death of the Squirrel-Man, Loose Screws, Catherine De’ Medici, The Mayor, Suitcase, Bruno Schulz: The Messiah, Popiełuszko, Scheherazade, and Kobro. Her accolades include the Gdynia Drama Award for Popiełuszko (2012), Grand Prix and Audience Award at the Metaphors of Reality competition for Suitcase (2008), Grand Prix at “Two Theatres” Polish Radio and TV Drama Festival for the radio drama Suitcase (2009), 2nd Prize and Journalists’ Award at the R@Port Festival for Loose Screws (2009), Prix Bohemia 2012, an award at the Polish Radio 2 and Society of Authors – ZAiKS competition (2013), and the Ferdinand Vank Award (2013). Her drama The Mayor reached the finals of the international Theatertreffen Stückemarkt in Berlin (2011), and Bruno Schulz: The Messiah, staged in the Schauspielhaus in Vienna, was named by the European Theatre Convention as one of the best contemporary European dramas (2012). Her plays have been directed notably by Michał Zadara, Jan Klata, Piotr Kruszczyński, Marcin Liber, Natalia Korczakowska. As a playwright, she collaborated with Marcin Liber and Andrzej Chyra on a production of Shostakovich’s and Krzysztof Meyer’s opera The Gamblers (Baltic Opera in Gdańsk, 2013).