Jarosiński, Jarema

Percussionist, arranger, and composer specialised in the performance of new and ethnic music. He has participated in new music interpretation masterclasses with Marta Ptaszyńska, Denis Kuhn, Felix Kubin, and Semi Hwang.

He won the 1st Prize in chamber music at the CEA rehearsals in 2008, and was finalist of the 2011 edition as a soloist. He cooperates with Sinfonia Iuventus, the Warsaw Philharmonic, and Olsztyn Philharmonic. He is a member of the siXen percussion ensemble, created by Leszek Lorent and specialising in the percussion interpretation of 20thand 21st-century chamber music. Since 2014, he has cooperated with the Imka and Ateneum theatres.

In 2014, he appeared at the Singer’s Warsaw Jewish Music Festival. He has arranged music for the Warszawianka ensemble of Warsaw University, with which he regularly appears at international festivals in Italy, France, Greece, and Spain. Since 2014, he has cooperated with CASIO, arranging music for the company’s educational publications.

He specialises in the performance of multipercussion works and Polish sonorism, and has premiered several works by modern composers.