Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna I i II stopnia im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Jeleniej Górze / Stanisław Moniuszko State Music School in Jelenia Góra

One of the city’s oldest schools and cultural institutions, was founded shortly after World War II, initially as a private school. Its first director was Kazimierz Koszowski. The activity of that first school was cut short in 1946 because of administrative difficulties.

A month later, the school was reopened under Maksymilian Firek and has operated continuously to this day.

From amongst schoolteachers, advanced students, and soldiers of the local military unit, in 1964 a community symphony orchestra was established, which evolved into the current Lower Silesia Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra. In 1968, through the efforts of headmaster Stefan Strahl, the first class of a secondary school was opened, eventually becoming the 2nd Degree State Music School.

The school continues to operate a symphony orchestra, initially directed by Stefan Strahl and currently by Sławomir Kupczak. The orchestra has successfully participated in international youth orchestras’ meetings and festivals as well as youth exchanges with schools from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

In January and February each year, the School organises a National Music Workshop, run by leading artists including Jerzy Artysz, Bartosz Bryła, Igor Cecocho, Antoni Cofalik, Kaja Danczowska, Andrzej Jasiński, Józef Kański, Jerzy Knetig, Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Roman Lasocki, Piotr Paleczny, Krzysztof Penderecki, Ewa Pobłocka, and Tomasz Strahl. Another major event organised by the School is the National Piano Duo Competition in Jelenia Góra. Together with the Jelenia Góra Philharmonic, the Stanisław Moniuszko School organises a Chopin competition for children.